Ombre everything seems to be overtaking the fashion industry. From ombre pants to ombre tanks to ombre hair, there is nothing this trend hasn't caught wind of. Many Fashionistas have turned towards Style Icon Alexa Chung for the subdued ombre hair effect. The dark roots, light ends we have all seen it time and time again. Today's Fashionista secured her title as Fashionista of the Week by taking ombre up a notch. Forget brown, black, and other traditional hair colors. This student went for childhood pinks and grandma whites to give the ombre effect a twist.

Mesmerized and awed by her hair, it took me a couple seconds to even digest the rest of her outfit. Her oversized and grungy styling of a black maxi dress, flannel shirt and vintage fur could have easily been stolen from my closest. She went from normal, typical Fashionista status with her outfit to hipster and cool with her hair. I always love spotting people who leave an impression on me and this Fashionista surely did.
Don't settle for being ordinary. Surprise people and make statements like today's Fashionista. White isn't just for your grandma's hair, it's actually pretty posh.

Happy Weekend!

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