To wrap up this week, I have chosen a Fashionista who decided to place a little extra emphasis on her rear with a vintage inspired dress. Layers and layers of fabric add to a mini train to highlight this trendsetting beauty's assets. While usually we attempt to take focus off our tush, this Fashionista proved how adding attraction to your backside can actually be quite fashionable.

Maybe it was this Fashionista's color choice of blue or her oversized clip on earrings, but her regal appearance reminded me of the great Princess Diana. Like Diana, this Fashionista, took a fashion risk with her eccentric frock. She played down the ensemble with basic white ballet flats (if you don't want to go all white I love these J. Crew bone colored ones) that show off her toned, tanned legs.

Instead of hiding your best assets, put extra, positive attention here this weekend. Be sure to always do so in a tasteful, fashionable manner like today's featured Fashionista.  

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