Turtlenecks for summer? Who would have thought??? Usually I associate these kinds of tops with a variety of photographs of me and my sister matching in a super dorky turtleneck for grammar school portraits. But leave it to our innovative CollegeFashionista to make turtlenecks a trendsetting piece. I like how this Fashionista muted out her turtleneck by downplaying it with an oversized flannel. She stayed true to the red color palette but mixed it up by clashing plaid and stripes, something I highly encourage you all to experiment with. Whether it's pairing plaids and stripes or floral on floral, let's face it-clashing prints are in and hopefully hanging around for a while. Head to toe, this beautiful Fashionista rocked her outfit and made me think twice about investing in a turtleneck for brisk summer nights.

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