Every since I received my copy of "The Selby Is Your Place", I find myself inspired by art work and my surroundings more than ever. The correlation our environment has between the way we dress and the influence of texture and color palettes is truly astonishing. Obviously, I always take street style shots of inspirational people that come my way, but I've recently decided to begin photographing random things in my life that inspire me and influence my fashion choices.

Today's Fashionista of The Week is 50's chic in her blouse tied in a knot and oversized girlish bow. Her color palette of black and pink is the ultimate Grease look and I could totally see this Fashionista plucked from set with Sandra D.

After capturing this photograph of today's lovely Fashionista, I also saw this wall decor on the streets of LA. Side-by-side these images are a complete contrast. Our feminine Fashionista alongside the dark, twisted emotions of the wall art are in conflict yet share the similar color palette. It's interesting how the same colors can be used but such starkly different associations and feelings can be expressed by the way they are executed.

Does art inspire your fashion choices?

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