I am all about mixing it up when it comes to my own personal outfits. Hard and soft. Feminine and masculine. The contrast between these seemingly opposite sides of the spectrum often come together to create a lot of interest in a single outfit.

Today's Fashionista of the Week was chosen for her ability to take the "mix and match" style to a new level. Her mohawk haircut contrasted beautifully with the sweetness of her makeup and the iconic femininity of Chanel. In choosing necklaces, I love how she mixed the hard metal chains with a dainty, single gold pendant. The rest of the layers of her outfit are also a great example of how easily a piece can transform to something edgy or classic depending on the styling. Her black blazer looks classic when compared to her faux-leather pants. The featured Fashionista was able to mix designer labels, such as her Louis Vuitton handbag, with more casual pieces seen throughout the rest of her ensemble.

This Fashionista shows us that you don't just have to commit to one style persona. You don't have to be a Kelly Obsourne or a Reese Witherspoon. You can be both and, at the same time, be uniquely you!

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