By the time spring rolls around, we are all fed up with wearing boots day in and out. The first glimpse of tulips budding and all I want to do is a buy a new pair of sandals to acknowledge that warm weather has finally arrived.

However, being on a college budget, it’s important to try to maximize all pieces in your closet. I encourage you to work your boots into your warm weather wardrobe like the Fashionista below and give new life to these winter kicks.

Colorful. Denim. Lace-up booties. Her execution of the perfect spring trifecta just made me smile when I saw her enjoying a Saturday with friends. The Fashionista wore a festive maxi dress, that cut off at just the right place to highlight her winter booties in a new, unexpected way. Her cropped mini jacket is the perfect proverbial denim cherry on top of this chic spring outfit.

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