Like most Fashionistas, I find the city of Paris to be a magical and iconic place. In Paris, the streets flutter with the beauty of fashion and the long rooted talent of so many influential designers fills the air. After extensive traveling to many cities all over the world, Paris is one place I am always eager to return. I envy The Sartorialist and his many jaunts to this city and the glamorous street style shots he always shares with Paris fans like myself.

While my exposure to French Fashionistas is quite limited, every now and then I will see someone in the States whose style aesthetic resembles that of a Parisian beauty. I don't know if it was the way this Fashionista carried herself or mostly the large straw hat she was wearing, but whatever it was there was definitely a European aura about this Fashionista of the Week. 

Hint: For a look like hers, try this Madeline Row Hat.

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