I suppose some people would say there is a correlation between fashion and food. When I think of summer foods, I think of bright, fresh fruits that are juicy and exciting. Naturally summer clothes tend to be bold colors and hues that we see in the foods we eat.

With the obsession everyone is having over cupcakes lately, it's not wonder that the pastel hues of the frosting have translated to Fashionistas' wardrobes. Today's Fashionista wore a cotton-candy colored blouse and even went as far as to accessory her look with a funky cupcake belt. She injected just the right amount of childish fun into her outfit making her look "sweet" and original but still fashionable. 

As the saying goes- you are what you eat. You might just notice that your love for mint chocolate chip ice cream is infused into the color choice of favorite dress. So helpful yourself to a double scoop of fashion this weekend and enjoy! 

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