After an inspirational weekend at Lollapalooza and the sad realization that summer is coming to an end, I've done everything I can to hold on to summer. That includes focusing my energy on extending those pieces I loved from summer into fall. Most CollegeFashionistas can only dream about getting an entirely new wardrobe of fall clothing and ditch our summer gear. But often that is not realistic and there is a certain sense of creativity that comes from extending the life of your clothing. Here's your chance to play the role of stylist and create a new look for yourself.

Today's Fashionista's outfit had pieces that I could easily see transitioning into fall. Her flannel, which worked great as a cardigan for summer, can be worn to class with a light leather jacket or with a pullover sweater (very preppy) for when the weather starts to cool off. Her T-shirt dress is super vintage and cool but won't work as a dress when the temperature is 50 degrees. To take your favorite baggy T-shirts into fall, try throwing on a pair of leggings like these or wearing tights under your denim shorts (another summer piece that can transition). And her TOMS shoes are season-less and can definitely be worn trotting to class. To modify your basic TOMS look, throw on a pair of cuffed socks instead of bare feet. This will act as a double purpose to keep you warm and works as a trendy little add-on to your ensemble as well.

Obviously everyone's wardrobes are different and we all have those summer pieces that we just don't want to retire. So figure out what you can't live without and pack it along in your back to school boxes. There will definitely be a way you can make it work for fall.

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