FASHIONISTA OF THE WEEK categorized the Spring 2010 sheer trend as "the big reveal." It seemed as if every designer was incorporating this exposed lingerie look into their collections. Naturally, mass market retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Topshop were soon carrying their own imitated version of the runways "big reveal" trend. I for one became hooked on this look and took my normal androgynous style and began incorporating more risque elements into my wardrobe. With the summer heat, this sheer trend seemed only logical to follow. But embarking into fall, temperatures are going to cool off, and the question on my mind lately is, will sheer transition into my fall wardrobe or do I need to ditch those lingerie-sque pieces until next summer?

Stumbling upon today's Fashionista of the Week, my question soon became evidently clear. Why not figure out a way to make it work. She took a long sheer dress and knotted it around her waist to create a more covered look. By placing her "dress" with denim cut-offs, this overly sheer style soon became less risque and more appropriate for the classroom setting in fall. Overexposing yourself through fashion is never the best first impression to make, especially when meeting your new professors. Take note from today's Fashionista and conceal your overly sheer look creatively.

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