As a true individualist, today's Fashionista reigns as the "It" girl of the week. Her outfit was eccentrically pieced together from bottom to top. What really drew me to her was her polka dot cropped top, that showed off just the right amount of midriff. After chatting with this quirky Fashionista, she explained the best element of her shirt were the sketched "Fashionistas" on the back, little did I know this detail even existed.

Definitely vintage and definitely one-of-a-kind, this Fashionista embodies what it means to be comfortable in your own skin. She mixed fabrics like fur, wool and linen to create a more textured look to her style.

While you may be skeptical of breaking out your fur (faux-fur) just yet, wearing fur elements around your collar or sleeves of a coat is a practice you can surely in engage in. Looking for a coat with fur around the collar? Try searching for a trench style jacket, which will swiftly carry over into winter as well. 

If you just can't get into fur but want the textured look, try a shearling jacket such as this one from New York & Co

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