With NYC Fashion Week behind us and all the glitz and glam that accompanies it, it's time to come back to who you are and what fashion choices make you feel comfortable. On the runway or not, be yourself and be an individual.

Print is all the rage this fall. A person's ability to be comfortable wearing loud, shocking prints really signifies a level of confidence that exceeds far beyond what they are actually wearing. Recently I have been reflecting on what I think makes a CollegeFashionista/o and it isn't so much about the "trend" they are wearing or if they have the best designer bag. To me, it stems from the emotional release they are giving off by what they wear and the message that an outfit sends to the public. "Here I am. Young, fabulous and chic. I am a College Fashionista."

Today's Fashionista was a style icon in the eyes of every passerby and practically glowing through the details of her outfit. This Fashionista leads the way into the weekend with her bold print getup. So let this Fashionista inspire you to be the very best you this weekend: bold, beautiful, and fashionable.

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