When it comes to hair, I'd say I am like a chameleon. No my hair doesn't blend into my surroundings to camouflage myself (although sometimes I wish it would). But, like a chameleon, I change hair colors and styles more often than most. Right now I am rocking the Madonna dark roots blonde end look but, give it a month, I'm sure I will be onto something different.

Today's Fashionistas of the Week were inspiring because of their hair. The Fashionista on the right owned the modern chic bob elongating her already svelte frame. And the Fashionista on the right stuck to the California girl wavy, layered blonde look.

The thing about hair is it's fun, evolving and never has to stay one way. Experiment with your hair in whatever crazy way you see fit. And, yes, hair does grow back so this is one thing you can really go wild with.

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