Today's Fashionista is best classified as a "Fashion Groupie". Yes, derived from the term "groupie" (and entirely made up by yours truly) this Fashionista is an avid participant in fashion and, by the way she dresses, you can tell she lives and breathes style. Her rock ‘n’ roll meets hippie look makes her hard not to envy.

Just because you aren't hitting a concert this weekend doesn't mean you can't dress like you are. Although our summer favorite festivals are in the past, this Fashionista's ensemble assures us it's okay to dress like a "groupie"- concert goer or not.

Hint: Her kimono styled dress is all the rage this fall and seen on our favorite fashion icons such as Nicole Richie and the ever stylish Olsen twins. If you are daring enough to wear an authentic version then hit up your local vintage stores or Japanese markets and if you want to have a kimono influence without entirely committing fully to the look, Winter Kate always has great options!

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