It's Friday and this Fashionista of the Week freshens up her look by steering away from the classical nautical trend and getting adventurous with her striped shirt. The nautical look has been on major (dare I say) overkill this season and it was refreshing to see today’s Fashionista pair her striped bateau top with an unexpected mod, orange mini skirt.

The odd contrast of colors is what lured me in initially. Something other then red, white and blue felt like I took a breathe of fresh air. I mean this as no insult to those of you decked out in nautical at the moment, but this trend calls for a little innovation or revamp.

It wasn't until I got really close to today’s Fashionista that I noticed two more standout elements of her ensemble. Black polka dot tights and Dorothy-inspired glittered flats.

She puts a definition to individuality by not limiting herself to one trend or even a trend at all. This Fashionista marched to her own beat: a striped nautical top, orange mini skirt, polka dot tights, a trench coat and glittered flats (compliments of Forever 21). It's a no brainer why I have chosen to end this week with today's leading lady.

If you look into your closet this weekend and feel like you have nothing to wear, take another peak at this Fashionista. She seemed to make any piece in her closet work fittingly.

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