Today's Fashionista wowed me in her soft hued maxi skirt. Sometimes maxi skirt lengths can get way out of hand causing you to practically trip over yourself. But this Fashionista's no fuss simple skirt hit at just the right spot. Showing a little ankle, the skirt draws attention to the narrowest parts of her frame and allowing those parts we are all insecure about to stay hidden by the fulness of her clothing. Pulling the entire look together, this Fashionista threw on a colorful chunky knit scarf that brought warmth to her face.

What to take home from this look- don't abandon your super long maxi skirts after reading this post, just make modifications to your garment. Taking up a maxi dress or skirt a couple inches will create a different silhouette and prevent a hazardous situation from occurring.

The best advice I could ever offer is finding a seamstress who you trust and love! Season after season, you can recreate new looks by making slight modifications to your current pieces.

Hint: Looking for the ultimate Thanksgiving attire? Wearing a maxi skirt will allow you to look chic in those family photos and be comfortable while stuffing your face with Thanksgiving delights! 

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