The day after Thanksgiving is quite a conundrum for me. On one hand, I am beyond stuffed from my Thanksgiving feast and feel like starting a massive diet immediately (well, after a serving of left over pumpkin pie). On the other hand, it's Black Friday and shopping is a must for any Fashionista with a eye for a good deal and a tolerance for crowds. So here's the big question: What does one wear when you want to look fashionable in the Black Friday crowds when you are still stuffed to the brim with turkey and yams? Today's Fashionista's look is a great inspiration for an ideal comfy, fashionable style for Black Friday festivities.

Her loose harem-like pants are a great, stylish alternative to yoga pants or leggings to hide your bloated belly. When shopping, especially on such a crowded day, it's always important to dress in layers. You never know when you will meet an hour wait for a fitting room and will need to just try on in the middle of the store. This Fashionista's patterned jacket is a great layering piece because it is light weight and comfortable while still retaining a tailored look. For Black Friday, skip the 5-inch pumps. Grab a pair of fashion forward flats so you can easily dart towards that leather carryall you have been eyeing for weeks.

So when mapping out your plan of attack for Black Friday, don't forget to plan out your outfit for the big day as well. And make sure to send us a tweet at @CFashionista to show us your inspired look for Black Friday and all the great deals you get along the way.

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