If you've been reading any fashion magazines or blogs this season you know that the hottest thing right now is shearling. This fuzzy fabric jacket has been popping up around all our campuses and is the one trend worth grabbing by the horns. This Fashionista is right on trend with the season's “it” jacket.

Steering away from the typical moto-silhouette we have been seeing it in, she opts for a longer length shearling piece that will be suitable during the brutally cold winter. After you have settled back from your tropical winter break trips (hope you are all getting away), slipping back into this outerwear will hopefully make the misery of the cold disappear.

Tracking down the perfect shearling coat has been quite a challenge for me. Like most fads, you don't want to put all your holiday money into it and finding a chic but cheap shearling piece has been tough. Thanks to NastyGal, I think I found the perfect option that combines both taste and price into one. Good luck on your shearling hunt this season!

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