Whether you are dressing up for a presentation or grabbing coffee with a former boss, there are times in every college student’s career where one needs to dress more formal. Today's Fashionista of the Week was spotted running to a final in a modified version of a suit. Granted she is a Fashion Design student and her look is more relaxed than those of you presenting for an Economics or Finance class, her look still exerts a business professional tone.

Let's start with the classic black blazer. It's a no brainer why this piece is always topping must-have lists. It's a staple that every Fashionista should own and has tons of versatility. This Fashionista can easily take her blazer into the weekend with flared denim pants and the same leopard heel. What a perfect Saturday night outfit, right?

Now on to her white blouse. Whether you decide to go silk, cotton, long sleeve or short, there are white shirts to match every Fashionista’s preferences. Regardless, having a nice white shirt to throw on in business professional situations is necessary. Don't make this shirt one you wear out to the bars. Save a clean, crisp white shirt free from late night pizza stains for presentations and formal settings.

And her black mini skirt. Pick a length you feel confident wearing. If you are a fashion student, such as today's lady, then playing with shorter hem lines works. For those of you uncomfortable showing too much skin, a pencil skirt would look equally as great with a blazer and white blouse. My one advice is to steer away from a maxi skirt with a blazer for a professional setting. Trust me, while I love maxi anything but for this situation, it just doesn't work. 

And lastly is her leopard shoes. Those offer people a chance to see her wild side and add a little funk to a relatively basic outfit. A nice alternative to her leopard shoes would be a neutral toned pump that looks classic and also elongates your legs- a major plus!

There you have it- a breakdown of our Fashionista of the Week and her professional meets chic look. Enjoy your weekend readers!

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