There is nothing like turning to classics for your everyday wardrobe. This season we have seen a resurgence of the ever-cool Dr. Martens prancing around campus. This culturally iconic boot from the '60s is the epitome of teenage rebellion and a shoe commonly seen during that era on starving artists, fashion junkies and those looking for some self-expression.

This once grunge shoe can now be worn glam much like today's Fashionista of the Week. Playing off that rebellious, artistic aura, she paired her shocking red boots with a lush fur coat. The contrast of luxury fur with the grungy Dr. Martens is what made her such a trendsetter. 

There is nothing better then turning towards the streets for inspiration. This Fashionista has me ecstatic to wear my construction worker boots with my lightweight shearling jacket. How will you make this look your own over the weekend?

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