Anna Wintour once said, “I’m interested in a girl who puts herself together in an original, independent way.” While she may have been referring to a potential intern gracing the office of Vogue, the statement stands alone – labels catch our eye, but it’s those unique ensembles that hold our attention. Fashionista of the Week, Whitney Kobey, meets Wintour’s description. She is often seen around campus dressed in a look of her own, a rare but fitting mix of classic and edgy pieces. I sat down with Kobey to get an insight on her personal style.

Name: Whitney Kobey

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism 

College Fashionista: Describe your style.

Whitney Kobey: Eclectic. I enjoy mixing classic pieces to make them look youthful.

CF: What pieces are you wearing a lot lately?

WK: Jeans and boots. Oh and pea coats! I’ve acquired a collection of pea coats.

CF: What’s a good default outfit on a rushed morning to class?

WK: My go-to outfit is definitely jeans- dark denim jeans with metallic riding boots. I also like wrap top v-necks. Anything cute and funky like a plaid pea coat or a sweater-blazer.

How To: As a Fashionista who loves quality designs at bargain prices, Kobey shops at J.Crew, Ross, T.J. Maxx, Last Chance, and Nordstrom Rack. For a similar look, try mixing a plaid cardigan such as this purple piece from Delia’s over a black or grey one-piece dress. Add black stockings underneath with your choice of pumps. For a pair similar to Kobey's, check out these oxford-style booties by MIA Girl from Designer Shoe Warehouse. To complete the look, make it your own by adding personal touches. Initials on your cardigans can be a good start.

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