Graphic t-shirts are for more than just those days when you’re late and have to run out the door in less than ten minutes. There are plenty of other ways to wear your favorite graphic tees than with just jeans and a pair of Converse sneakers. When I spotted this week’s Fashionista, I instantly thought she epitomized both class and sass. Julia paired a Rolling Stones graphic t-shirt with a sharp blazer and a belted skirt with a scalloped hem, which together provided a polished contrast to the rest of her outfit. She left her blazer unbuttoned, exposing the iconic Rolling Stones tongue image. I loved the pairing of navy, black, tan and brown in her outfit; she makes the colors work wonderfully together. She adds even more sass to her outfit with bright blue headphones and bold pink lipstick.

Name: Julia Brown

Major: Cell Biology and Genetics

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What do you like to wear in the fall?

Julia Brown: I like thigh-high socks with lace up boots, because it’s a good transition outfit when you don’t know if it’s going to be hot or cold. I like oxfords a lot. Circle scarves are great, as well as big sweaters and I love anything plaid.

CF: What other graphic t-shirts do you own?

JB: I have an old Grateful Dead t-shirt that I like a lot, which I got at a thrift store. I also have a Beach House t-shirt, which I wear a lot.

CF: How else do your wear graphic t-shirts?

JB: I like wearing them with suspenders. I like the contrast of wearing them over a skirt or a dress as well, florals especially.

CF: What are your favorite colors/brands of lipstick?

JB: I like MAC and Chanel the best. My MAC lipstick color is called tangerine, which I really like. I like really hot pink and red.

How To: The best place to find a graphic t-shirt of your favorite band is by attending the concert, which makes for a great souvenir. If you’re looking for non-music related graphic t-shirts, check out Threadless, a community-based online apparel store in which members submit designs that are put to a public vote. The most popular designs are then printed. To go with your t-shirt, try a scalloped skirt like Julia's; Anthropologie offers a longer scalloped skirt in black and Asos has scalloped skirts in different colors. Add your favorite blazer, like this Anne Klein suit jacket, finish with a vivid lipstick color and you're rock 'n' roll refined.

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