The semester is wrapping up with summer is in sight, which means campus style is heating up with the weather. This week's Fashionista incorporates colors into her outfit that show the summer mood has already arrived on campus. This Fashionista is wearing the ever-popular romper with a bold twist of color and print. She lets the romper's bright rainbow mix take center stage, opting to wear a simple pair of earrings and matching suede sandals. The sandals pick up the bright magenta in her romper, which is a perfect reflection of the heat outside. This Fashionista shows that the weather isn't the only thing hot about the month of May.

Name: Whitley Richards

Major: Global Studies

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Do you like simple solids or do you like to spice an outfit up with prints?

Whitley Richards: Prints, because they're fun and you can make interesting outfits with them.

CF: Who is your favorite style icon?

WR: I really like Vera Wang. Even though she's high fashion, she makes clothing you can wear everyday.

CF: What is your favorite outfit to wear on a night out?

WR: A dress and heels. I like to wear a fitted, teal dress with crossing straps.

CF: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

WR: I get a lot of inspiration from people around me. I see another person's style I like and take cues from them.

CF: How would you define the fashion style of UNC-Chapel Hill students?

WR: I would definitely say preppy is the predominant style. But there are different versions of preppy on campus, like a wide variety of outfits in that spectrum.

How To: To get this Fashionista's look, just keep it simple by getting bold. Choose a main piece that is the focus of attention in your outfit, like a bold dress or a unique pair of shoes. A daring jumpsuit, another popular piece this year, can be found at ASOS.

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I think a lot of Fashionistas can relate to me with the fact that I've recently been obsessing over bright-colored pants. I was enlivened when I went to go see a fashion show at our school last week because of all the colored pants the Fashionistas were wearing. Colored pants definitely look stylish and are very fun to style around with. Today's Fashionista shows a great example styling her bright blue pants with a black leather jacket, perfect for the infamous “not-so-cold, not-so-hot” weather.

Name: Victoria Wong

Major: Pre-Med Bio Tech

Year: Junior

CF: What kind of clothing draws your attention?

Victoria Wong: I like comfortable clothes and bright colors. I'm not really into patterns so I like to keep it simple and plain, but then have at least one piece stand out.

CF: Do you have a specific style you like on a guy?

VW: I like guys who are clean cut, like metro style. A guy who wears fitted clothing and basically just knows how to style himself.

CF: What are you excited to wear this summer?

VW: I love high-waist shorts and skirts and of course my summer dresses with sandals. I also like wearing accessories, and summer is perfect to show them off.

How To: Add on a pop of color to your wardrobe this season. J.Crew has a wonderful collection of colored pants starting from the ultimate lovely capris to high-waist pants. Urban Outfitters also has a variety of bright colored pants by BDG, and these particular rose-colored pants were my ultimate favorite buy. It will be great to explore what kind of style fits you and your colored pants. A previous post I wrote was also about colored pants, but Ramona Penala styled her pants with a patterned top, while Victoria likes her style simple.

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