Nothing says springtime casual better than rolled-up khaki trousers and crisp white slip-on sneakers. This week’s Fashionista, Aakriti, pairs her versatile slacks with a navy blazer for a clean, preppy look. She is sophisticated and pulled together, but by rolling her pants and opting for sporty footwear, she maintains a young and laid-back vibe. Also, the plaid scarf gives her look that hint of urban cool that NYU Fashionistas seem to effortlessly pull off with every outfit. Below, Aakriti tells me more about her style and compares English to American fashion.

Name: Aakriti Batra

Year: Freshman

Major: Pre-Med

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

AakritiBatra: Preppy, but not really – I don’t know, I just wear what I want to wear. I don’t really go with anything, I just kind of – I know it sounds really cliché – do my own thing.

CF: What spring trends are you looking out for?

AB: Apparently the messy bun is going to be in. I just got bangs so it might not work, but I’m looking forward to it!

CF: What’s your favorite store in the city?

AB: Topshop, but it’s ridiculously expensive here – in England it’s much cheaper. But I like the styles, I love Kate Moss and I love what she does with Topshop so I would say Topshop, definitely.

CF: How would you compare street style in England to street style in New York?

AB: I feel like American style in general is very different. In England they do the whole layering thing but I feel like in New York it’s totally different to the rest of the States; everyone here dresses well so I can’t just walk up to class in sweatpants and a sweatshirt ‘cause it just doesn’t work like that, but I like the whole layering thing that English girls do.

How To: Check out ASOS for a blazer and trousers. With looser pants, a structured, cropped style of blazer will be more flattering than a blazer with an oversized, boyfriend fit. Finish off the look with a simple pair of white Converse and to keep them clean try to only wear them on dry days! 

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