I spotted this eco-friendly Fashionista carrying a FEED bag created by Lauren Bush, whose mission is too help “feed the world.” She juxtaposed her green garb with a chic black blazer and pearls, followed up with denim shorts and cowboy boots. She even had a bow ring! Juxtapositions are a favorite of designers and stylists season after season constantly pairing things you wouldn’t initially think go together and items that in fact are opposites. A favorite juxtaposition of mine that is commonly seen is the soft blush chiffon dress paired with a hard black bomber jacket. Don’t be afraid to put unexpected pieces together; you could be surprised with what you find!

Name: Adrienne Pluta

School: New York University

Year: Freshman

Major: Drama

CollegeFashionista: How do you feel about eco-friendly fashion?

Adrienne Pluta: I love it! I try to support it whenever I can. I love companies like TOMS. You just feel good when you put it on knowing that it’s cute but that you’re also helping someone else somewhere in the world.

CF: What are you looking forward to for fall?

AP: Blazers – they are my favorite thing! And boots! I try to wear them all year long but sometimes it doesn’t work.

CF: What is your favorite fashion city?

AP: New York because there are so many different looks and people generally dress with a darker color palette. People in New York love their black – its definitely not a secret!

How To: Pair a t-shirt or tank with a blazer and pearls to create a classic look. To make it a bit more casual, add some denim and perhaps boots to look like this Fashionista. Don’t forget your FEED bag! Also be sure to check out The Row for TOMS shoes to add to your eco-friendly closet!

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