Lately, fashion has gotten a lot more personal by focusing on the individual statement through stylish experiments. Alexa Chung is the modern poster girl for this new trend, and Fashionistas around the globe are finding influence in her impeccably hip style. I caught site of this Alexa Chung-inspired Fashionista in a stylishly sexy tomboy look. This Fashionista’s laid back vibe was felt in her black denim shorts, untucked chambray shirt, perfectly cluttered jewelry, and military jacket- all quintessential tomboyish pieces. But more importantly, her hot pink and camel combat boots showed her audacious fashion playfulness; so I stopped her to discuss her adventurous style.

Name: Alana Wolens

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communications and Criminal Justice

College Fashionista: Where do you find your style inspiration?

Alana Wolens: I grew up in Los Angeles and my high school was kind of like its own fashion show, so when I began developing my own style, a lot of my inspiration came from my peers. I also took inspiration from the stylish streets of Los Angeles, specifically Santa Monica. Right now I work at Madewell in Georgetown, which has influenced me to incorporate their clothing into my wardrobe. Alexa Chung (my fashion icon) does a lot of the styling for Madewell so I love to look to her to see what is up-and-coming in the fashion world.

CF: I can see your outfit is accented with many pieces of jewelry. What is one accessory that you cannot live without?

AW: I have two things (one is much nicer than the other, but I really love them both). The first is my Micheal Kors watch which I got when I was 18. It used to be white, but since I wear it so much it has become kind of gray. Either way, I still wear it because it is a classic and timeless piece, plus it makes me look at my watch rather than my phone for the time! The other is my dinky ring that I got from Israel (it was maybe 50 cents) and all my best friends there have it too.

CF: What advice would you give college students looking to take fashion risks in their everyday ensembles?

AW: I think you have to pair your risky items with something you can feel comfortable with. My daily attire is made up of all neutrals (I would wear only black, gray, and white if it wasn’t so boring). Then, I accessorize with my favorite season trends to add something that will pop- like the shoes that I am wearing right now. I bought them in Amsterdam and they are my favorite thing in the world right now!

How To: Follow this Fashionista and Alexa Chung’s advice by, “throwing on one item that turns heads to create a trademark style” such as these colorful combat boots or some eclectic jewelry. Statement pieces like these along with simply layered classics, all which can be found at Madewell, will complete your new tomboy-chic look.

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