You all are thinking it, and I am going to say it. Color. This fall’s hottest and most inspiring looks all surround the same theme: eye-popping, jaw-dropping, insanely wild color, and this Fashionista caught on to the trend. I approached this Fashionista, who was spotted while resting on a bench outside of Potomac Hall, waiting for class to begin, in awe of her dramatic use of red on the muggy, hot day. Her chic and fun look inspired me to dig more deeply into this season's use of color and to ask her thoughts on the upcoming fashion season.

Name: Alayna Treene

Year: Freshman

Major: Journalism

CollegeFashionista: Where do you look for style inspiration?

Alayna Treene: I don't really have one place where I look for style inspiration or a person's style who I want to imitate. My style inspiration comes from all different media outlets and culture. If I see a cute trend in a magazine, on television or even on the street, I get ideas for outfits of my own.

CF: What are you wearing?

AT: My shirt and earrings are from Forever 21, shorts from American Eagle. I got my shoes at Gap and watch at Bloomingdales. And, my favorite accessory, my ring from David Yurman!

CF: What’s the most important part of a successful outfit?

AT: Confidence. No matter what you're wearing, if you're radiating confidence almost any outfit works. If you think you look great, others will too.

CF: (LOVE that response.) What is your favorite fall trend?

AT: I love boots! I get so excited for fall season so I can pull the boots from my closet where they've been hiding all spring and summer. I'm obsessed with all lengths: ankle, mid-calf and over-the-knee, and pair them with every outfit. Boots definitely complete fall looks.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

AT: My personal style is very eclectic. I wouldn't place my style under one category because some days I'm feeling preppy, others I'm feeling funky, and then there are times when I'm feeling sophisticated. It all depends on my mood and where I'm going. I like to have fun with fashion and play with different trends and styles. As long as I feel good in what I'm wearing, then anything goes!

How To: To fully capture this Fashionista’s look, you must first find perfect red lipstick! I recommend NARS Lip Pencil, a long-lasting and easy-to-use lip with a variety of shades to go with any outfit! Then, find a colored top that truly pops! In the fast-approaching and anticipated Fashion Week 2012, the runway-favorite color trends include peach, eggplant, royal blue and venetian red. Top Shop’s bright red Textured Peplum Top would be fitting for this look. Finally, pair with dark denim (I would say white, but no more. After-Labor Day blues), accessorize and voila! You have entered into the daring and irresistible world of color!

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