Style and comfort is what every Fashionista strives for when choosing what to wear to class each day. This Fashionista achieves just that with her vibrant, feminine, flouncy skirt. Just as a previous Fashionista uses coral, Alex chooses to enhance the color as the main piece in her outfit. While mini skirts used to be all the rage, the trend of longer hemlines are appealing for a more sophisticated lady-like look.

Name: Alex Powers

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communication Studies and Fine Arts Minor

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your outfit today?

Alex Powers: With my love of high waisted skirts combined with my new-found love for bright pastels, the skirt was a win-win for me. I've started collecting beaded sandals lately so I just thew those on with a V-neck and called it a day. 

CF: Which celebrity style do you admire most?

AP: I admire Zoey Deschanel because I think she is just so classic. I adore Blake Lively because she is stunning and has great taste; she is the new spokesperson for Chanel after all.

CF: What is on your shopping wish list for summer?

AP: I need to purchase some Chaser tees, and really need to start investing in some jewelry. Being a person of habit, I will probably succumb to more high-waisted shorts and skirts. As for shoes, I am going to purchase as many wedges and gladiators I can get my hands on.

How To: This season provides us with an abundance of options for the perfect skirt. American Apparel provides a variety of styles to best fit your taste in a rainbow of colors. What is great about the skirt is that you can get a bold color such as this pleated one, and get multiple uses out of it in the same week. One option is to pair with a plain grey t-shirt with converses one day, and maybe a denim shirt and oxfords the next. The point is while some Fashionistas’ worry about repeating her outfit, the bold color skirt allows for endless styling capabilities. Follow in Alex’s footsteps and purchase a staple, vibrant color skirt, and experiment on the top. My personal favorite this season is color blocking! 

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