FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT: Alexandra Hammarstedt

I've been on both sides of the “don't wear leggings as pants” argument. But to be honest, it's all about preference and what your outfit looks like. It isn't a general statement that can be made for all instances. This Fashionista brings a wonderful '80s feel to her look with her high-top Converse and blue nail polish. This time, I definitely think it's acceptable to wear leggings as pants. Especially with that funky cardigan.

Name: Alexandra Hammarstedt

Major: Art History

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How do you choose your daily outfits?

Alexandra Hammarstedt: I feel like I should admit that a lot of my outfit decisions are made in a rush because I'm late for class. Now that it's spring all I want to wear are light colors, I think I've worn a white shirt every day this week. Also jewelry, I love rings and earrings and bracelets (I have a billion necklaces too but I haven't been wearing them as much lately). I change the jewelry up every day. I have so many cool pieces I have to wear them all! I also kind of have a thing for socks. Sometimes I feel like I'm five because I'm wearing socks with an elephant on the ankle but I tell myself it's okay as long as I pair them up with some sassy shoes or something.

CF: How do you take risks with your style?

AH: I'm from San Francisco and the style there is very different from what it is here. At home, there is a large population of 50 year old hippies and all the kids dress in some variation of hipster. What I see here are a lot of preppy outfits. I don't necessarily prefer one over the other, but I think coming from the Berkeley hippie zone has definitely made me more bold fashion-wise. I don't know if what I wear is fashionable, but it can be a little different sometimes. I'm wearing green polka dot socks pulled up over my high-top Converse, which too me is a little funky. Probably to most people, actually! I don't second guess myself and I think that's where my risks come from. If I think of something and put it on, then I'm set. I don't think, “Oh this is weird,” and change. I just kind of go with my ideas and hope maybe no one looks too closely, unless of course, they are appreciating what I'm wearing!

CF: Where are good places to find college-friendly fashion?

AH: As far as shopping goes, I love love love vintage shops and secondhand stores and those stores that sell discounted designer clothes because it's “damaged.” I usually go online, shop around, look for things I like, then try to find something for a cheaper price. It can be hard though because it's hard to sift through all the clothes at those stores. Also when I was packing for college I rediscovered a lot of old clothes, from years ago that I had forgotten about. The shirt I'm wearing is one of those, I've had it for years. I just wear old things in a different way and it looks good! Also I wear my mom's old clothes like this sweater for example. I tell my mom I wear that around and get lots of compliments on it and she thinks it's hilarious because to her it's just some sweater she's had for 10 years. There are little jems everywhere, you just have to find a new way to wear them.

How To: To get Alexandra's look, grab a pair of comfy black leggings. Add a cute blouse and a cardigan with an interesting pattern. Slip on a pair of high-top Converse and socks and you're all set! Consider adding this funky nail color by essie to add a little sass to your look.

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