“The '90s are coming! The '90s are coming!” I screamed as I jumped up, tossing my MacBook to the floor. “Get the horse ready! I must tell everyone!”

In case you haven't interpreted the recent prevalence of bloggers like Natalie Off Duty and Le Happy as a serious foreshadow that the grungy '90s are resurfacing, I sincerely hope that it sunk in when you cyber stalked 3.1 Philip Lim's spring 2013 runway show. The resplendent 2007 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund runner-up charmed me right out of my pants and into my overalls, delivering me into a minor state of psychosis (see top). Just kidding, that last part didn't really happen, but I did put on my denim overalls (mostly because I don't own a floral jumpsuit…yet). 

Since I spent most of the early '90s in diapers and select pieces from Marc Jacobs's 1992 grunge collection for Perry Ellis, I cannot wait to relive the splendorous age that fostered Rocco's Modern Life and Kurt Cobain (or rather, he fostered grunge, but still). Oh won't you join me, '90s babies?

Name: Alexandra Maxim

Year: Senior

Major: Neuroscience

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Alexandra Maxim: Random. I just pretty much put on whatever I see in my closet. I tend to buy a lot of stuff in vintage places, so it pretty much just compiles my outfits.

CF: Do you have any favorite vintage stores around Boston?

AM: I like Buffalo Exchange, sometimes. I like Second Time Around on Newbury [Street]. I like LF and I do like Urban Outfitters, just usually the sale rack because it's too expensive. But everything else is just compiled from when I used to live in L.A. I came from Berlin, so I've just kind of been compiling my clothes from everywhere (laughs).

CF: Do you think being in L.A. and Berlin has changed your style?

AM: Oh, definitely. Living in Berlin especially because everybody there pretty much wears exactly whatever they want. It could look obscure and ugly, but they just wear it well because they don't care. So I guess I took that on, just not caring, feeling comfortable in what you wear pretty much. And I think from L.A., that's where I got the actual style from because L.A.'s very stylish, so I kind of got a sort of taste for certain clothing, certain fashions.

CF: What do you think of your peers' style here at BU?

AM: Here at BU, I think it's interesting. I think it has diversity. Some people have really good style and some people just wear like Boston University clothing and sweaters and whatnot. I think there's a huge variety. People who are stylish I think have really good style.

How To: To get this Fashionista's Berlin-grunge look, pair an '90s-esque floral dress with a pair of tights and leather boots. Even if not necessary, add a safety pin. It gives it a certain je ne sais quoi. (Yes, I do realize that is French and not German.)

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