Every Fashionista keeps a few secrets up their well-tailored sleeves. Tips such as how to wear invisible make up, master the art of the pose and of course knowing where the best places are to shop. LF has become a fashion haven for stylish gals who desire a one-stop shop full of trendy goodies. Alicia White is a stylist at LF Montana and embodies the cool, eclectic and bold vibe that the company evokes.

Name: Alicia White

School: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise

Major: Merchandise Marketing

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Alicia White: I’m originally from Texas, so I’m starting to see my country roots appear in things that I wear, also blending it with a boho appeal. My staples, though, are all about comfortable basics, neutrals and being able to pair them with a great denim.

CF: Who inspires your style?

AW: I admire Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but I really grab the most inspiration from people just walking down the street.

CF: How does LF style remain synonymous with L.A. style?

AW: It sounds cliché, but L.A. weather is very coherent in being able to express LF style. It is about being blousy, breezy, with a bit of sex appeal on a bright and sunny day. LF Montana is also a prime location because we have customers who understand and appreciate quality clothing. In the end, it is about thinking outside the box when it comes to style and L.A. definitely has taken hold of that.

CF: What are your tasks as a stylist?

AW: As a stylist, I’m in charge of doing daily associate responsibilities, but my main focus is guide customers to finding head to toe pieces that will fill up their wardrobe. I’m all about honesty and giving them rightful opinions, but it is because I want to build trust in finding things they want to invest in and cherish. Whether you’re going out on the town, vacationing for a weekend or finding something different to wear to work; I’ll find it for you.

CF: What are your favorite staples at your store, and what is coming up this season for fall?

AW: Right now the fall season is full of animal print, chunky knit sweaters and jewel tones. The things that I consider essential are big knits, cut out details, lace tanks and crochet techniques. We also carry awesome brands that are adjacent to our esthetic, like Car Mar jeans and Jeffrey Campbell.

CF: What's your style advice for dressing up for fall?

AW: Don’t be afraid to layer. It’s all about creating different proportions and playing with utility. I’m also a big fan of mixing patterns and colors. Sometimes the mix matches are the best fit.

How To: To achieving this “hot child” in the city look is about being flirty with exaggerations. Throw on an oversized sweater paired with some mini textured shorts like corduroy or lace. The knee highs add that touch of attitude to take it to the next level. It’s effortless sex appeal that can transition from day to night.  Accessorize with some delicate layered jewelry and sky high platforms and the ensemble is complete.

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