I was strolling through the pedmall after class when I spotted Alissa in a grayish black fur coat with monochromatic red accent accessories. Personally faux fur is one of my favorite comeback trends this season, and I think it will be a staple piece every winter. Iowa does not get much credit for being fashion forward like schools in big cities like Chicago, LA, or New York City but this Fashionista's look is representative of just how stylish Iowa City can be. I chatted with Alissa about her fur and style icons.

Name: Alissa Doling

Year: Junior

Major: Elementary Education and Art Minor

CollegeFashionista: Faux fur is all the rage this season; how do you suggest other Fashionistas pull off this look if they think it is too daring?

Alissa Doling: Keep it as the main aspect of the outfit and try pairing it with more casual pieces. If you are skeptical try a fur vest which can seem less overwhelming. I also wore red accents to add some color and variety to balance out the coat. 

CF: Since you are wearing this coat during the day, how do you think you can transform it to a night look?

AD: I would swap my flat boots for some heels; add some glitzy jewelry, and maybe a little black dress instead of jeans. 

CF: Who is your fashion style icon, and why?

AD: Lauren Conrad for her California chic style. I love how she dresses pretty simpl, but throw in trendy pieces at the same time.

How To: For a faux fur coat, ASOS carries some great affordable options. There are endless ways to style fur, for example: casual, dressy, long coats, short coats, vests, animal print, and light or dark colors. I suggest picking a style you feel comfortable in and rocking it. For inspiration check out these students take on the vest , short coat, or as an accessory . 

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