Chunky knits are one of the best fashion inventions for winter. Not only are they comfy and cute, but oversized knits are also the perfect excuse to whip out the tights for the colder days. This Fashionista paired her oversized knit cardigan with black tights and another fabulous winter trend: knee socks with boots. Knee socks peeking over the top of boots adds texture to one’s ensemble.

Name: Alix Kron

Major: Elementary Education

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit.

Alix Kron: I’m not exactly sure where I got my sweater or socks, but I know my tights and boots are from Nordstrom. I’m very proud of my boots because I got them at a Nordstrom pre-sale last fall for $99 and they were originally $250!

CF: Where do you get your main inspiration for fashion?

AK: I go on Pinterest, which is a great website for ideas. I also go on the website Lookbook. Also, for my sorority we have to dress business casual so I try to find ideas on what shoes to wear with a certain skirt and stuff like that. Lucky magazine is also a great place to find fashion inspiration.

CF: What is the most-used item in your closet?

AK: The item that I go for the most on an everyday basis would probably be oversized sweater, especially in fall and winter. I love them because you can pair them with jeans, tights or leggings. They’re also so comfy!

How To: Knits can come in all different shapes, colors and sizes this season. For an oversized cardigan like this Fashionista’s, Nordstrom has plenty to choose from. Under a comfy sweater, wear either plain black tights or go for a patterned pair. With your favorite pair of boots, look for knee-high socks. Urban Outfitters has a fabulous selection of knitted socks to wear this winter.

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