We have all been there. Sitting at our desk as we gaze out the window day-dreaming about the fabulous outfit we would be wearing if we weren’t stuck at work. Being a Fashionista and a workaholic isn’t always easy and personal style can often be the first thing out the window when paperwork piles up on your desk. But a true Fashionista doesn’t waste time fantasizing about that beautiful blouse and instead integrates the fabulous piece into her work attire.

Name: Allie Howarth

Grade: Graduate

Major: Marketing with an Entrepreneur Certificate

CollegeFashionista: Tell me how you went about putting your outfit together this morning.

Allie Howarth: Well, this is a new skirt. I got it this weekend from the Banana Republic outlet. I decided to pair it with something old, so I chose these shoes and then matched my accessories to them.

CF: What have you found yourself wearing a lot of this summer?

AH: I have been working a lot this summer, so I have been wearing a lot of pencil skirts like the one I have on today. I have been pairing some of my favorite casual shirts with my skirts to fancy them up. This way I can still wear my favorite casual pieces by working them into my work wardrobe.

CF: From who or where do you seek fashion inspiration?

AH: I like to brose online for clothing inspiration. I follow personal style blogger Kendi from Kendi Everyday. I find a lot of inspiration from her blog and I shop a lot at LOFT and love to go to their website for ideas.

How To: When dressing for work don’t ignore all of your casual tops. As long as it doesn’t show too much skin that patterned tank you wear when out on the town can easily be paired with a light weight pencil skirt like Allie’s for the perfect working girl look. Still feeling too casual? Don’t be afraid to accessorize. A classy necklace and matching earrings are an easy way to make your outfit look more professional.

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