Spring break has officially begun and this week I decided to explore the streets of my hometown in Westport, CT. Along with a handful of new restaurants and boutiques (including Urban Outfitters!) making way downtown with the latest trends, I made sure to reacquaint myself with the places and shops I’ve always loved. One of my first stop-ins was to my favorite hometown store: LF. While submerging myself in their new sweaters and fringe, a stylish Fashionista stuck out with her red and black flannel, army green vest and ankle-high moccasins. This natural native-mountain inspired ensemble represented everything my hometown feels like, but incorporated an edgy and stylish twist.

Name: Allison Baughman

Major: Literature

Year: Just Graduated from Ave Maria University in Naples, FL

CollegeFashionista: What is style to you?

Allison Baughman: Expressing yourself! But always be comfortable…never try too hard.

CF: If you were to give any advice to a college student concerning personal style what would it be?

AB: Go some place that makes you feel the best. For me, I go to concerts. Whenever I feel the vibe, I wear what I feel comfortable in to match the atmosphere.

CF: What are your favorite pieces right now?

AB: Moccasins and rain boots are a must. My leather jacket goes well with everything, and my riding leggings that are half leather half cotton from LF!

CF: Now being out in the real world, does your work influence your style?

AB: Well I write for two music blogs as well as working at LF. My style is extremely music-influenced because it’s what I love (almost as much as I love The Strokes, they will always be my favorite band). I began working here at LF after I graduated this past December, and found that the clothes here represent the style I love.

How To: To get this woodlands style, an old T-shirt and neutral cardigan are key for layering beneath a flannel. A red or green flannel should fit comfortably but not too tight (leave room for layers depending on how cold it is). A more form-fitting vest will turn up the army-feel of this outfit while a pair of skinny jeans and some moccasins will give you that tribal feel to finish it off. Accessorize with some leather and turquoise, and your look is complete!

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