What caught my eye about this Fashionista was her beautiful blazer and the red tint in her hair. College is a defining time in any Fashionista's fashion evolution, and seeing a freshman with such a good grasp on her personal style assured me that the fashion legacy of BU will continue long after I go back home!

Name: Allison Macika

Year: Freshman

Major: English

CollegeFashionista: What's your favourite part of this outfit?

Allison Macika: I'd say this green dress that I found. I tried to find a green one to wear for the St. Patrick's Day parade.

CF: Describe your personal style in 3 words.

AM: Comfortable, economic, simple.

CF: Where do you do most of your shopping?

AM: Generally at Forever21, Target and H&M. I like the bargain shopping.

CF: What's your next fashion must have?

AM: Definitely a white maxi dress for the summer! They are definitely on my radar.

How To: Allison definitely has the right idea with putting a maxi dress on her must-have list. If you want to follow suit, try this gorgeous design from the new Bird by Juicy Couture collection or opt for something a little less expensive with this Dorothy Perkins maxi. Even though summer seems ages away, it'll be time for flip flops and shorts before you know it.

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