This week’s Fashionista makes edgy look effortless by combining the pieces she feels most comfortable in. Sophomore Amanda Foggia says the most appealing ensembles are simply the result of wearing what makes you feel good. Foggia’s do-good, feel-good personality translates into her fun-loving wardrobe through one of a kind accessories and never-fail staples.

This week, Foggia dons dark gray denim and TOMS with a tie-dyed twist. Her lace-up, high-top TOMS shoes put a spin on the typical slip-on style with white and slate tie-dye print. Paired with a coordinating canvas backpack and soft toggle coat, this Fashionista’s look puts a punch of personality into comfort for the classroom.

Name: Amanda Foggia

Major: Psychology

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: You just recently came back from a service trip in India. Have any aspects of the culture or your experience there inspired or been incorporated into your style?

Amanda Foggia: Not yet, just because I just got home. But I definitely think that since they're very happy people there, their clothes really reflect how their outlook on life is. They're very colorful, there's a lot of colorful patterns and their style is really vibrant. So when I was there I tried to take in as many elements as I could to incorporate later on.

CF: Has living in New York City influenced your style at all?

AF: I think I definitely look at people around me more and emulate those that I find inspirational. So I would say yes. Plus my roommate is really into fashion and I always like to look at what she chooses to wear out.

CF: What's the most valuable style advice you've received?

AF: Probably to no be afraid to wear what you want and just to express yourself through what you wear.

CF: If you had to whittle down your wardrobe to five pieces what would they be?

AF: A pair of TOMS, a pair of comfortable jeans, my backpack, a scarf and probably an oversized long sleeve shirt.

CF: Are any aspects of your personality reflected through the way dress?

AF: Sometimes, but not always, because I like to take comfort above trends a lot of the time. And sometimes I don't think I'm as laid back as my clothes make me seem.

How To: Get this Fashionista’s look by pairing TOMS lace-ups with a canvas backpack and trendy toggle coat.

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