Aside from wishing the warm weather adieu, the end of summer can be depressing for other reasons. Labor Day is the seemingly arbitrary day in which white is no longer acceptable and wearing it is like committing a capital sin. From that day forward until the Groundhog sees his shadow, New York becomes a little gloomy. Although us women may be freeing up some closet space by removing all that is white, we are replacing it with black and gray clothing. But the clever one's among us know that there are little tricks and shortcuts that we can do to limit the drab and keep us feeling fabulous. One of these such tricks is incorporating ivory or winter white into this season's clothing repertoire.

The Fashionista I spotted in the Barnard quad was doing just that. She understood how to properly mix up white and black tones to make her ensemble pop. Donned in an ivory, loosely-fitted Brandy Mellville top, black jeans and funky chesnut-colored boots, she made a clear declaration: white and ivory should not go into hibernation come winter time. “All black everything” just isn't where it's at these days!

Name: Amanda Nee

Major: Economy

Year: Barnard 2012

CollegeFashionista: If you could fill your closet with one brand or designer, who would it be and why?

Amanda Nee: Probably All Saints or Brandy Melville. They have really pretty, but practical pieces, things you can definitely wear everyday. A lot of designers make absurd clothing that doesn't really translate to the street.

CF: What do you do to winterize your outfits?

AN: I typically take my staple summer pieces and layer them. And of course, I wear boots because it's so cold in New York! I'm from California and I truly don't know how you guys do it here.

CF: Do you feel like women at this college dress particuraly well? If so, does it motivate you to dress a certain way?

AN: Definitely! In California, people wear flip-flops, jeans and even pajamas. Here everyone is super fashionable and I can't dress like a slob.

CF: If you had to choose between having great clothes or great accessories, what would you choose?

AN: I would say clothes because I tend to not wear a lot of accessories. I also get bored of clothing easily and always want to switch it up.

CF: In which outfit of yours do you feel the most beautiful?

AN: Whenever I wear long, flowy dresses, I feel great. I just got this great maxi dress from Intermix, in fact. It is so elegant, fun and colorful all at the same time.

How To: Creating a wintery white or off-white ensemble is not hard to do! Take a white shirt from your closet and pair it with a brown, leather skirt and blazer or even with a pair of dark jeans (like our very own Fashionista above). While those styling options may seem like no-brainers, don't be afraid to leap into unfamiliar terrain: wear a white cocktail dress! When everyone is dressed in their LBD's, you will be rocking your LWD and shining like the belle of the ball. If Lea Michele and Miley Cyrus can, you can too.

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