I was walking home from class when this skater chic fashionista caught my eye. Her flannel and converses are two styles that are constantly seen no matter the season’s latest trend. I especially loved how this Fashionista took a new take on the flannel and mixed colors, patterns, materials, all while making a cohesive ensemble.

Name: Amy Carlson

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

CollegeFashionista: Favorite season to dress for and why?

Amy Carlson: Fall, because everyone looks good in boots and a pea coat! I also love to wear a lot of layers.

CF: Would you rather buy one designer item or have a shopping spree at a cheaper store and why?

AC: With the budget I’m working with, I’d actually rather go on a shopping spree at a cheaper store. I’m totally fine with buying clothes that will look good and satisfy the style I am trying to accomplish without breaking the bank! College is the time for experimenting, and I would rather experiment with affordable clothing rather than invest in something I may be bored with in a week.

CF:Any tips for students in love with fashion but on a college budget?

AC: Try pairing different pieces in unusual and unexpected ways to make your wardrobe go a long way.

How To: There are so many different ways to style the flannel shirt. Lauren Conrad opts to dress it up with liquid leggings and heels. If you prefer casual, then pair it with skinny or boyfriend jeans. A major trend for spring is the maxi dress, and a flannel shirt worn open over it makes for an easy, put together look. My advice to all of you fashionista/o’s is to pick up a few flannels because they are here to stay!



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