As I walked onto University Yard this morning, I spotted this Fashionista’s feet dressed in my favorite patent leather ballet flats- Repettos! After bonding over our mutual love for Repetto flats, and then snapping a few photographs of our matching feet, I could finally focus on the rest of her ensemble. I loved the way this Fashionista combined a silky, printed blouse for sophistication and dynamic dimension to her otherwise uncluttered look  (Vogue named this popular spring 2011 trend of graphic 2-D florals “Hyper-Prints”). This is what she had to say about her springtime look, favorite trends, and shopping addictions!

Name: Anabelle Soloway

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing

College Fashionista: What is your favorite season to dress for?

Anabelle Soloway: Definitely spring, because I love wearing shorts and skirts (mostly because they are so much more comfortable than wearing pants.) I also feel more inclined to wear colors, which is especially fun for me because I love pastels. Throughout the year I like to layer all my clothing but in the colder months, these layers are hidden by bulky jackets. The springtime is the perfect season to show off the various layers and colors I’m wearing.

CF: What fashion trend or item do you regularly sport?

AS: This isn’t necessarily a trend, but as a rule I only wear comfortable clothes. As for an item, I am almost always wearing a scarf- I love them! If I am wearing neutral, comfortable outfits, a scarf is a perfect way to accessorize any outfit (especially with my black winter coat).

CF: If you had one million dollars to spend at any store, where would you go shopping?

AS: Being from New York City, I have never had close access to shopping malls. This being said I would choose to spend my million dollars at Bergdorf. It is the perfect medium between a boutique and a mall, plus they have amazing clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. Knowing myself, I would probably end up spending most of the money buying every color of my favorite shoe brand Repettos. They are the perfect ballet flat and this way I would have a pair to match every outfit!

How To: To replicate this Fashionista’s look, think about simplicity. Begin with your favorite pair of dark-wash denim, splurge on timeless Repetto ballet flats, add a classic Longchamp bag, and accessorize with a hint of jewelry. Once you have these traditional pieces, find a floral top that works for you (Joie always has a wide variety of printed silk tops!) Finish this ensemble by throwing on a lightweight scarf to prepare for the breezy springtime weather. Now your look is complete!

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