Like most Fashionistas, I have a serious soft spot for vintage clothing.This outfit screamed 1960s hippie and was right up my alley. I was in love with the dress' billowing sleeves, empire waist and high neckline. I was so excited to see vintage clothing brought to West Virginia University's campus that I absolutely had to stop to talk to this Fashionista.

Name: Anastasia King

Year: Fifth-year senior

Major: History and women’s studies

CollegeFashionista: Anastasia, I have to ask, where did you get your dress?

Anastasia King: Actually from my friend Ashley; it was her mom’s from 1963. It’s classic vintage, I decided to bring back some old fashion for the last day of classes.

CF: What’s your daily style like?

AK: It's a lot like this style, kind of folky. I love jeans and T-shirts. I love sandals, too- I rarely wear "shoe shoes."

CF: Where do you shop the most?

AK: Forever 21 and American Eagle. Almost all of my jeans are from American Eagle.

CF: If you could hang out with one celebrity for one day, dead or alive, who would it be?

AK: Goldie Hawn, circa 1980s Overboard.

How To: Although this exact outfit might be difficult to recreate, Modcloth has a huge variety of vintage-inspired dresses. My personal favorite is the Graceful Gal dress, shown here. I would also recommend visiting Etsy for genuine vintage pieces. Minnetonka is my go-to brand for moccasins, and they offer a great pair of lace-up moccasin boots. Anastasia's boots completed the outfit and brought a taste of the 1960s to the streets of Morgantown.

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