As school starts and Fashionistas everywhere begin drooling over the fall trends in the oversized September issue of Vogue it becomes harder to resist bringing out your favorite chunky sweaters and flare jeans. But there are ways to transition your favorite Fall pieces into your back to school wardrobe – even if the average temperature is still in the 80’s. Take it from this fashionista, who matched her boyfriend’s graphic shirt with her favorite wool skirt.

Name: Angela Barr

Year: Sophomore

Major: Studio Arts and Theater

College Fashionista: Tell me about your outfit today.

Angela Barr: I was at my boyfriend’s place last night and the only thing I had to wear today was this wool skirt that I got at Goodwill. So the shirt I am wearing is my boyfriend’s. He made me one of my necklaces and the other is from a local boutique.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

AB: I would say eclectic and kind of vintage if you had to label it. I am into punk fashion that is kind of messy but still colorful.

CF: What pieces in your wardrobe are you excited to wear this fall?

AB: I just got a couple really nice sweaters. One is really light weight so I have already worn it but I am excited to wear the others and also can’t wait to wear some mustard colored pants I just got.

CF: Do you have any fashion icons?

AB: I take a lot of inspiration from fashion I see on the streets and online. I also enjoy pulling inspiration from music culture.

How To: When you are mixing your favorite fall pieces into your late summer wardrobe it is important to remember that you don’t want to be too hot or look too hot (over-heated that is). So take a tip from Angela and slowly transition one heavier piece at a time. Angela chose to wear a thick wool skirt so she kept the rest of her wardrobe lightweight and breezy with a T-shirt and bare legs. Many Fashionistas are already bringing out their combat boots but adapting to the summer temperatures by pairing their heavy shoes with short shorts, skirts and summer dresses. Adding a fall piece to your summer wardrobe helps you transition from one season to the next and is a great way to add a masculine feel to the typical soft summer look.

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