This time of year the temptation is strong for students to roll out of bed, throw on a pair of sweatpants and head to class in the semi-chilly weather. So when walking around campus, those who are truly dedicated to fashion stand out now more than ever. I spotted this week’s Fashionista walking to class from a mile away. Her outfit is classic, yet playful, and suited for a sunny, breezy January day. And while suede heels are great accessories for winter but too much for most to trek across campus in, this outfit is perfect for a meeting (like the one she is attending later), interview or presentation.

 Name: Angeli Aquilera

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing, with a minor in Apparel Design

 CollegeFashionista: What are some trends that you’re excited about this season?

Angeli Aguilera: Blazers with cool padding on the shoulders. And I really love coats, just any type of coat. I’m looking for a trench coat. I want a beige one, like the classic kind. I want that and then I’ve been looking for some brown boots, but like this type of shoe. I really like suede shoes.

 CF: Who are a few of your favorite designers?

AA: I really love Diane von Furstenberg, because she tailors all of her clothes to a woman’s body and she is all about like celebrating a woman. And I really like all of Oscar de la Renta’s evening gowns. They’re so beautiful. But yeah, I’d say that and then classic Chanel like '20s, '30s. I mean Karl Lagerfeld is great, but Chanel’s better.

How To: As Angeli proves, one of the best accompaniments to any winter outfit is a pair of suede heels or even boots. Suede fits well into the atmosphere of a cold day while appearing sleek. You can get the rest of this look with a puff sleeve jacket, pleated-front shirt and layered skirt for a feminine, well-put-together outfit. 

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