Fashion, as with life, shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Both truisms can easily be forgotten, especially within the deadline filled world of mid-semester, but Angeline Muller appears to have each mantra engrained in her mind, as evidenced by her whimsical wardrobe. Her bold, polka-dot top and expertly coordinated statement necklace convey a sense of lightheartedness without going over-the-top, for the monochromatic colors, and the flowing fit of the shirt add a bit serious and keep things somewhat subdued. A CollegeFashionista in every sense of the word, Angelina’s ensemble is assuredly appropriate for class, conveying respectable formality, while undoubtedly putting a smile on at least a few professors’ faces. 

Major: Psychology and Economics

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How has college life affected your style?

Angelina Muller: I am definitely more experimental in college. You know you can push the boundaries when you're in an environment where borderline silly isn't really that big of a deal, and, is in a way, celebrated. Even if it's donning styles that you never thought really suited you, why not when your wardrobe is exponentially expanded thanks to all the girls you're sharing a suite with?

CF: Who/What is your fashion inspiration?

AM: I will devour whatever Isaac Mizrahi cooks up. The runner-up, though, would have to be my grandmother — trends come and go but she's taught me poise lasts forever.

CF: Where are some of your favorite places to shop at home?

AM: I'm from Hong Kong and you'd think that, as a place where the East meets West, it would be an innovation haven. Not entirely there yet — the usual international fashion houses seem to dominate, but I like to support the growing, vibrant local boutiques. We even have our own version of Soho! Plus, this place called “The Monocle” also opened a store recently and they regularly get some really unique pieces, too.

CF: What have been some of your favorite fashion trends over the past few seasons?

AM: Maxi dresses earlier this year. Petite people always say how they’re easier for tall people can pull it off, so I like to embrace them as one of fashion's rare, exclusive gifts to us girls higher in the sky.

How To: Don’t let their playfulness fool you — polka dots can be quite dangerous. They have the potential to brighten an outfit with kitschy spunk, but they also possess the ability to make an ensemble appear to have come straight from Minne Mouse’s wardrobe. Angelina’s top succeeds in achieving the former, mostly because of some expert Fashionista tricks. The top keeps things from getting too cartoony with its monochromatic tones and loose fit, while the fun, bold necklace adds another variation on (and not a distraction from) the same theme—from the shape to the color, the necklace perfectly coordinates with the polka dots. While the print can (and should) be worn in various different colors and intensities, make sure to keep things coherent, assuring that the polka dots are the center of attention, because if you don’t, the perilous pattern most certainly will, result in a look that’s more Bozo than beautiful.

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