My last post was all about how beautiful New York has been lately, how surprisingly warm it has been, how nobody needs to wear a coat and they're so jolly because the weather has been so accommodating. Things changed a little this week. By that I mean this week has been the New York City winter I was expecting.

Fashionistas know best what that means, though. ‘Tis the season (‘tis about time, really) to invest in our warmest winter staples. My closet houses a vintage faux fur coat, which I’ve aptly dubbed “the Lion.” Coat, check. My hands are cozy in alpaca knit. Mittens, check. My toes are toasty, stuffed into new boots. Smartwool, check…

But, my head is cold. I should have bought a hat, and now I just can’t seem to find the right one, so that dilemma remains. But with that aside, it seems I’m fairly prepared, as are most New Yorkers. The streets have become a sea of black coats, fur-trimmed hoods, and flat knee-high boots. The occasional royal blue wool trench or the rare pair of bold scarlet lips are the only forms of color I’ve seen in the past week, making the style hunt a bit bleak.

I’ll admit — winter is the time, if there ever is one, to hold function over fashion. But for the sake of good style, investing in the classics of cold weather will always trump trekking in bulky boots and sweatpants. Luckily, this Fashionista’s fresh face, poppy-colored pashmina and creamy knit sweater were the signature staples of winter fashion I was searching for.

Name: Anne Kash Dobbins

Major: Fashion Merchandising Management

Year: Graduate student

CollegeFashionista: How would you sum up your personal style?

Anne Kash Dobbins: My style is eclectic but feminine.

CF: Do you have any tricks for dressing warm for winter, but maintaining a professional work wardrobe?

AKD: Boots that are nice enough to wear to work are clutch in the winter. I walk a lot, and I don’t like to switch shoes when I get to the office, so having a pair of warm boots that can take me wherever I need is a necessity.

CF: Where do you get style inspiration from?

AKD: I read a lot of blogs, Vogue and InStyle. I’m also an avid Pinterest user. I discover a lot of new blogs that way. And luckily, FIT students get Women’s Wear Daily for free! 

CF: That is lucky! Do you have any style icons?

AKD: Olivia Palermo. She’s been with Elle and she was on The City. She was sort of the villain on the show but her fashion sense is spectacular. Very eclectic but feminine, which is probably why I like her.

CF: Is there one thing in your wardrobe that is signature of yours, that you wear all the time? 

AKD: I wear this gold bangle every day. It comes from the boutique I work at called Castor & Pollux in the West Village. Its style is elegantly bohemian. The bracelet is a replica of three that the owner’s aunt used to wear. People really love them because they’re so classic and they can be engraved.

How To: Winter is the time to stick to quality classics like Anne’s long winter coat and knee-high flat boots. Simple knit sweaters keep you warm on the streets and cozy in the office. My favorites are creamy white cable knits or a pop of color like neon. Simple accessories, a touch of color and a clean face with rosy winter cheeks make these gray days of winter just a little brighter.

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