Fashion tends to cycle itself: crop tops are just as common today as they were in the ’80s and ’70s inspired bell bottoms seem to have crept their way into fall ’12 denim collections. The list could go on, but for the readers’ sakes as well as my own, I will stop here.

It’s not surprising that one of my favorite Fashionista finds has once again resurfaced — on a new Fashionista, in a slightly more summer way. Fashionista Anne Wheeler fit right in on West Broadway in SoHo with an easy, breezy, beautiful…maxi skirt (not where you thought I was going with this, huh?) and a keep-me-cool-while-I’m-waiting-on-the-subway-platform crop top.

Although I spotted Fashionista Alexandria Chong in the middle of a Boston winter, Anne managed to rock a similar aesthetic just last week on a sweltering summer day. Anne also kept a muted color palette, but she added a pop of color with ocean-blue turquoise and gold mixed necklace, ring and bracelet. And so the moral of this post goes: when you want to transition fall/winter pieces into spring/summer style, add a bright pop of color.

Name: Anne Wheeler

School: Westmont College

Major: Communications with an emphasis on Global Studies

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are three words you would use to encompass your style?

Anne Wheeler: Beachy (because I’m from Santa Barbara), trendy and creative.

CF: What are your favorite stores?

AW: I love LF, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. I also love thrifting; I have gotten some really good finds.

CF: Where do you draw style inspiration?

AW: Probably just the LF lookbook. I typically morph however the models are styled into my own style. A lot of it also comes from whatever I see on the internet, especially Pinterest and other websites like that. I’m not really into blogs much; I only visit my friends’ blogs, never any others. I would say one of my fashion icons is Lauren Conrad.

CF: What are your favorite fashion magazines?

AW: It’s funny because I’ve never bought a fashion magazine in my life. I just don’t think they portray a very good image and I find them unnecessary.

CF: What’s your go-to outfit?

AW: Since I live in Santa Barbara, it’s usually hot, so some type of high-waisted skirt or shorts. Maxi skirts. High-lows. And a crop top. I like to dress to impress because when you look good, you feel good and you’re more productive, so I always try to look presentable.

How to: To get this Fashionista’s easily transitioned look, pair an American Apparel chiffon maxi skirt with a missing back crop top. Add a pair of leopard flats, turquoise jewelry and a black leather bag and you’re good to go (in any weather).

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