I considered myself an avid Doctor Who enthusiast until I failed to recognize the pendant worn by this week's Fashionista, a key to the TARDIS. As embarrassed as I felt by my Whovian ineptitude, I'm glad to have spotted Annie. Her style, an interesting alloy of seemingly Swedish simplicity and Whovian edge, caught me by pleasant surprise.

Name: Annie Moorhead

Major: English

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit; what are you wearing and from where?

Annie Moorhead: I'm wearing mostly H&M stuff — the faux leather skirt and the striped shirt were from there, although I've had the shirt for awhile. The boots I ordered online from the Doc Martens site, and I think the Doctor Who necklace was from eBay. I don't remember where I got the leggings from, but they're pretty standard fare.

CF: If you could only have five items in your wardrobe, what would they be?

AM: My Docs because they stay dry in all kinds of weather, Levi's jeggings because they fit really well, they look and feel like jeans and they're easy to move around in, a band T-shirt and a nice sweater. I can't really help but think practically, although I guess not wearing socks or underwear or anything would get old fast.

CF: What's your opinion on fashion at Rutgers?

AM: I think for the most part people are pretty casual with what they wear, mostly sweatpants and camis and things like that. But it's such a huge school that there are all kinds of ways that people dress, and it's always interesting to see what people put together. 

CF: How do you use Tumblr for fashion? 

AM: I mostly follow a lot of fashion blogs. I think Tumblr is better for fashion than magazines, for the average person, I think, because everything that the models wear in magazines is designer and therefore pretty expensive, and sometimes they don't even list where the clothes are from. Tumblr is great because it's average people posting pictures of themselves in clothes they've bought, and you can send them and ask about where they got them from if they don't say.

CF: What's your opinion on having style idols?

AM: I think it's awesome to have someone to emulate, but, as I have learned, not by way of copying what someone wears exactly. I went through a brief but regrettable period in which I only wore things that I figured that Thom Yorke would probably wear, and an even more regrettable period, in the distant past, in which I basically wanted to be Enya. There are certainly people who I admire for having a style that really works well for them, but I mostly just wear what I like.

How To: I always advocate shuffling around old and basic wardrobe items to create new outfit combinations. A bold blouse, combined with a classy leather skirt, leggings and a pair of shoes is a recipe guaranteed to impress. Keep your outfit simple and fresh by limiting yourself to only two or three colors. Add a statement necklace or some chunky arm candy and you'll be good to go.

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