The weather continues to trick the Fighting Illini campus! I swear, one minute you're pulling out your fall boots from storage, and then the next week you're back to strappy sandals. Whatever the case is, Fashionistas and Fashionistos manage to retain their fashion sense on the streets of Champaign.  I ran into this sassy Fashionista on my break, and I must say she is a definite fall trendsetter. Rocking a Native American-inspired crop top and black denim, she definitely understands how to work a trend without over “trending”. This tends to be a problem when consumers get ahold of a popular trend. Luckily, for this Fashionista this is not an issue. Notice how she incorporates the plain suede crop with crystal-layered jewelry piece for great contrast. Typically, a moccasin shoe would work, but I much rather go with the boot of her choice. Check out how this leading lady maintains her chic style.

Name: Aryn Terry

Major: Advertising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your style.

ArynTerry: I would describe my style as being feminine, chic and bold. I think when I'm getting dressed I always mix very simple items with other bold pieces. I don't like to really categorize myself into a certain group because many times I find myself really liking different kinds of items whether they are chic, classic, and avant-garde. I love prints, colors and glamorous items that add a little luxury to my outfit.

CF: What are some of your must-haves for this season?

AT: I am obsessed with lipstick! I have a growing collection. So my must-haves for this season are darker tinted lipsticks like dark purple and hues of orange that fit into the fall season. As for clothing, I am still on the search for the perfect brown leather combat boots because I have yet to buy a pair. My other must-haves include collar necklaces and chiffon shirts.

CF: What are some of your favorite places to shop?

AT: I enjoy shopping at mainstream places like Akira, H&M, ASOS and of course, Forever 21. Oh, and I love Nordstrom's shoe department! When I find myself in the mood for thrifting, as this takes a lot of patience, I make a trip to my favorite vintage re-sale store when I'm in Brooklyn called Re-Dress NYC. This store caters to plus size women and I can find some very old items that have the potential to either cause stares of confusion or stares of admiration.

CF: Are you a splurger or, do you consider yourself a Recessionista?

AT: I like to trick myself into thinking I'm a recessionista but tend to find myself spending more money on clothes than wanted. So it comes down to this: I splurge on shoes and tend to only spend lots of money on single articles of clothing if I find myself really falling in love with it.

CF: What advice can you give to students?

AT: As students, most of us don't have a steady flow of income to really splurge on everything we might have acquired in our ideal wish-lists. My advice is to pick out those items that you really love. Sometimes I test this by putting something on hold for a day in the store and if I find myself saying “I gotta have that!” I'll go back and make that purchase. I tried this little technique when I wanted to slow down my spending habits, and I've surprised myself on how much I actually don't make that return trip.

CF:What designer influences your fashion identity?

AT: Designers that I really pay close attention to are Whitney Port for her sense of femininity, Angela Simmons for her evolving eclectic style and high-end designers like Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs for their innovative use of construction.

How To: If you want to go for this look, it’s important not to over exert the trend. If you love the suede crop top, try visiting Forever21 for great options and price point. Denim is nice, but it wouldn’t hurt to try this with a skirt or leggings. I think accessories are key for any look! I would go the layered necklace or maybe a feather earring. Pick one or the other because you don’t want to oversaturate the trend. To get our Fashionista’s boots try ALDO or Endless Shoes for a great selection.m

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