A mix of urban west and modern chic is how I would describe Fashionista Arynn Infante. There’s no limit as to where she’ll place her next clothing investment. She keeps an open eye for unique pieces and creates outfits that are inspired from Urban Outfitters but when worn they’re truly her own. To know more about Infante’s fashion inspiration I asked her my three all-time favorite fashion questions.

Name: Arynn Infante

Year: Junior

Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice (minor in Philosophy)

College Fashionista: Where do you get ideas for outfits?

Arynn Infante: Urban Outfitters catalog and online store

CF: What movie of all-time has the best outfits?

AI: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

CF: Which celebrity would you like to share closets with?

AI: Mary Kate Olsen

How To: When Infante answered Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, an image of Ferris’s partner in crime Sloane Peterson came to mind. If you recall the 1986 classic, Peterson’s infamous outfit was an oversized white fringe leather jacket, a purple tee tucked into high-waist oversized shorts with a hanging belt, and of course- classic white tall slouchy boots. While Infante’s pictured look isn’t a total 80’s look, from this we learn classic boots live through the decades. To get your feet into some western chic boots like Infante’s, Steve Madden’s Candence boots are ideal. They’ll go perfect with a loose dress such as this Kimchi Blue strapless from Urban Outfitters. Add a vest or cardigan for layering along with a few accessories like this assorted beads and rhinestones necklace from Forever 21.

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