Standing out is way more fun than fitting in. Therefore, this Fashionista must be having a ball! Fashion is something so versatile and ever changing; there truly are no rules. The best part about it is fashion gives you the creativity to do just about anything you want. This Fashionista uses fashion as her own little personal experiment and the results are amazing.

Name: Ashleigh Sampson

Major: Fine Arts

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What is one word that could best describe your personal style and why?

Ashleigh Sampson: Sporadic. I pretty much dress however I’m feeling that day!

CF: Are there any creative ways that you like to express yourself in fashion?

AS: I really enjoy being able to take something old and turn it in to something totally new. I like to redesign shirts using iron on letters, scissors or whatever is around. I collect charms and beads from old jewelry to make bracelets out of them. I’ve even made my own platform shoes with a little help from flip flops, fabric and guerilla glue. I love D.I.Y projects!

CF: Do you look anywhere for fashion inspiration?

AS: Definitely blogs created by average people just like me, that just happen to love fashion. I’m a huge fan of Clothes Encounters and Threadbanger.

CF: Where’s your favorite place to shop?

AS: My mom’s closet!

CF: What’s your favorite finds from her closet?

AS: One of my favorite pieces I’ve found was this really cool military-like vest. It has this total MJ feel and I just love it.

CF: Last question, any new trend that you’re excited about trying this spring?

AS: I’m really can’t wait to start mixing neutral tones with neon colors.

How To: Ashleigh is all for being creative and taking chances with style. Try reconstructing an old pair of jeans by cutting them up and throwing some bleach on them! Take any of those clothes and accessories lying around that you’ve long forgotten about and make it new. Think of all the many different creations that you can make with the clothes that are already hanging in your closet!

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